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Skyline Institute of Engineering Announces SCHOLARSHIP TO JEECUP MERITORIOUS STUDENTS FOR THE YEAR 2019-20

Polytechnic (Yearly)

1st to 10th position in BTE(JEECUP) EXAM Rs. 40000.00
Securing marks 85% - 89.99% in BTE(JEECUP)EXAM Rs. 10000.00
Securing marks 80% - 84.99% in BTE(JEECUP) EXAM Rs. 5000.00
Securing marks 75% - 79.99% in BTE(JEECUP) EXAM Rs. 2000.00
Securing Attendance 95% and above (Calculated upto 31st March) Rs. 2000.00


  • If a student qualifies for two or more awards he/she will be entitled for only one award (which ever is higher) but attendance award shall be counted separately.
  • For Branch Topper Award percentage of attendance shall not be less than 75% and strength of branch shall not be less than 40)
  • Tuition Fee Waiver students shall not be entitled for any cash or foreign trip. They shall be honored by trophies.
  • Any student who is found involved in indiscipline activities shall not be entitled for any award or appreciation.

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